Parent Comments

  • Instead of preaching no sex, tell them you want to prepare them to have great sex with their future spouse.
  • I really liked the framework that you gave for educating our children—great sex verses the rules approach.
  • How to use the medical perspective to “sell” healthy intimacy to our kids.
  • Eye-opening. Life Changing for this current generation that is so at risk and misled.
  • Huge! Need to get this out!
  • It is so needed—you have such great info that so many parents would love to hear and need to hear.
  • Very effective, helpful, lots of facts and knowledge
  • I would like to have the rest of your information, it was too short! I will sign up for another class if you teach it.
  • More time to discuss dating do’s and don’ts, long term and the impact of being sexually active early on.
  • Statistics and facts are compelling… sense of urgency is palpable… discussion tips are frank, realistic, and practical.
  • Walked away with much to talk about, armed with a plethora of ideas for these frank discussions.
  • I was totally engrossed in the presentation. I was supposed to leave early and I didn’t.
  • Responding to a child with a critical thinking questions really works. I tried it!
  • Aaaah… words of truth, I agreed with her 100%.  Now I have to implement the ideas. It’s do-able with this approach.
  • Thank you for giving me the motivation to renew my commitment to open communication and listening more than I talk.

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