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Better slides and examples of what could happen if you got this disease

She was so funny! Lol  She said I was pregnant because 1 in 5 people were.  I love it!  It was hilarious!

She was well prepared and the topic was interesting.

There was not enough time to the presentation.

I felt that the speaker was good at keeping our attention and making us listen to what she had to say.  Unlike most programs it didn’t try to scare us – just gave us facts.

I don’t have any comments!  Well, the first speaker was very funny and she grabbed my attention very well.

Wasn’t boring at all.  Thank you.

I loved the presentation.  I related well to it.  I like the way you taught it.

Really good presentation.

She was  very nice and funny.  I enjoyed the presentation very much.


She did a great job at presenting and relating to the students.

Everything was just wonderful!


It was good. She was good.

It was really a cool presentation. I learned a lot.

I feel like every teenager should hear this because it really opens your eyes.

You guys were really happy and it put me in a good mood.

You all were awesome.

You guys were amazing.  So great to have.

Keep up the good work.

Talk about more ways to not have sex.

The teacher was so cool and nice.

Good presentation.

It was nice.  I’ll become Mrs. Right before I start to look for Mr. Right.

Miss J. was very nice and related to the class really well.  She really got through to me.

Presenters were good and well prepared.


You should come more often.


She kind of creeped me out.  Please go away.

Quite interesting.

I did enjoy it!!!

Very informative.

The overall presentation was well made for a high school audience.  It was interactive and interesting and it actually grabbed my attention . . and kept it there.  Great job.

She was very nice and strongly believed in what she was talking about.

She was very knowledgeable and connected well with our class.  She provided a good well informing presentation.

Good presentation with lots of fact and information.

I liked the way the presenter interacted with the class.  The problem was we had to go through the presentation quickly because there was not enough time.

She was very nice and very well spoken.  She had lots of energy.

Very good.

I hope you have a nice baby.

She had some really nice points and made me want to pay attention.  She was also pretty funny.


Give everyone candy, not just the ones that answer questions.

Very prepared and well constructed  presentation.

He didn’t finish the whole presentation.

He was very good.  More candy!

I’m gonna have sex! Wooo premarital sax!

It was awesome, the presenter was kind.

He did an excellent job.

I enjoyed the presentation.  It was very educational.

Facts weren’t very accurate (ages you start doing things, etc.)

Ms. M. and the presentation were great.  I decided to not have sex a few years ago and I hope that the presentation helps others choose not to have sex. I used to go to a private school and I supporter what you are doing.

Show more pictures about real life examples.

I don’t have any!  Wellll, the first speaker was very funny and she grabbed my attention very well.

I felt that the speaker was good at keeping out attention and making us listen to what she had to say.  Unlike most programs it didn’t try to scare us – just give us facts.

There was not enough time for the presentation.


Don’t talk about parents having sex or wanting me to have great sex.

Don’t talk about parents having sex.

When talking about this topic, students need to be able to relate to the speaker.

Please don’t talk about my parents doing it.

It was good.

Kind of weird, but I guess we needed to hear it.

Good stuff.  I agree with it.

Pretty good but a lot of talking by the audience.

She talked a lot about stuff and then just brushed over other things.

Hi, thank you.

Awkward and embarrassing and unnecessary.

Heavy information.

A wonderful presentation that easily kept the audience’s attention.

Was not there.

I am very thankful that I am learning this now so I won’t make horrible mistakes in the future and I will be better prepared for the challenges I will face concerning sex.


Mr. Ben was a very good presenter.

I have had this chapel 4 times.  That’s the reason I didn’t learn anything.

V. was really fun and she related well to us.  It was very fun talking to her and she was well prepared.  I also liked how she gave opportunities for us to write down any questions.

V. was so fun and enjoyable.  She reminded me of one of my mentors who inspires me.  She is an example for God and really did relate to us very well.

I loved V.  She was hilarious and you could definitely relate to her.

I liked Mr. Ben a lot.  I hope he will come back.

I liked having a guy teacher (Mr. Ben) this time instead of a girl.

I thought it was great how Mr. Ben presented the duct tape idea.

Miss V. made it not so awkward and she used great examples.  She related vey well to us.

I loved Ms. V. She did a wonderful job.  She added humor to the speech but was focused on the main point.  She made it as least awkward as it could be, but I am pretty shy so it was still kind of awkward for me.  Thank you for your time.

The only reason why I didn’t learn anything new is because my mom is open (way too open if you ask me) with me and I already know everything.

V. was such an outgoing and strong-willed girl.  She was so funny and I can definitely see Christ in her. She is so awesome and would be a great mentor.

V. did not make it awkward in any way and made abstinence seem like something wonderful in life, which it is.  But, the media is not a good thing at all. I strongly disagree that it is a bad thing.  As of a few days ago I have chosen not to have sex.


Great presentation.  Good examples and facts.

I enjoyed the presentation and I thought Mrs. H. really related to us.

Good job.  Sad.  Pretty good connection.  Encouraging.

Abortion is sad.  She did a good job.

Too much information told.  Felt uncomfortable.  Not a necessary speech.  Presenter nice but presentation too weird and uncomfortable.

I though she did a very good job and I learned a lot from her.

It was kind of awkward.  A lot of it was very sad!  Mrs. H. did an excellent job!

I think that she did a great job of making an extremely awkward subject a bit more comfortable.  I am actually quite pleased that she did not force questions on us, but still talked ‘with’ us and not ‘at’ us.

There were some things that I did not know before until this.  She had good power points.

What your group does is very cool and extremely important.  Thank you for talking to our class and working so hard.

Mrs. H. did a great job and we got to hear about things we had learned from Mrs. C. but we sometimes don’t think about it.

She did a very good job.  My one complaint is when she told us that she hopes we have the best sex ever.  That was actually king of disturbing.  Otherwise, it was awesome.  She wasn’t too aggressive or didn’t make it awkward.  She was really nice and was very open to question.  It was a very good presentation.

Well done.

I enjoyed the presentation.  I though she was nice.  I learned about diseases.

This was a new experience.  She brought the point across well.


I liked it.

Great job.

I had a great time listening to Ben and learned many things about sex.

It was very interesting and a little bit scary of what he said.

The presentation was good.

Perfect.  No comment.

I enjoyed the demonstration of the tape.

I think that with a speaker in every school the number of people with STD’s will decrease.

You kinda loved me and you grossed me out.

It would be even more interesting if we got to watch a video of someone that actually suffered from the topic.

You are very prepared and explain well.  I understand the meaning of sex better now and why not to do it.

C. seemed very nice and funny.  The slides were interesting, and I found myself laughing a lot.

I enjoyed the presentation and learned a lot of new information.  Thank you!

I think that the presenter was very well prepared and was very enjoyable.  She related well to the class and was extremely funny.

C. was very nice and funny!  She’s great at presenting.


Show more pictures about real life examples.

I think you listed everything that I would want to know.  Are there any pills for birth pain?

It was a good presentation.  I learned how harmful it could be to someone.

Thank you for coming and talking to us about important things.

I enjoyed seeing the statistics.

Very informational and organized!


Good job.

It was good.

You did a great job.

Not bad.

Thanks for coming to the class to speak with us.

I liked how you went into detail about STD’s and STI’s.  I like how you said one in four people have an STD and 85 percent of teens get sexually active.  I found the information that you shared with our class very interesting.  I hope you could come again.

I think you had a very great presentation.  Also you were really prepared.  I with you could visit us again.

I like the way you present your presentation.

I think the presentation was really good.  I like it and I learned something new.


I enjoyed the presentation.  I might have enjoyed it more if there were some more hands on activities.

I agreed with the relationship steps.

I wanted to know if a healthy relationships had to be between a man and a woman.  There are a lot of opinions.

Very well prepared.  She knew what she was talking about.

Good demonstrations.

I liked the presentation today.  The presenter explained everything perfectly.

Overall it was good.

Put maybe on the “NO” list.

The speaker had good contact with the audience and the presentation was informative.

Very good presentation.

He was very good and didn’t stumble because he was well prepared.

Great presenter.  Interactive.  Good voice projection.  Very interactive with the students.

He was great!  (Nice job.)

Good activities.  I like what SWAT stands for.

Very relatable.  Learned a lot.

I think a lot of it was fact but a lot of the marriage stuff was opinion.

I thought she made a good point.


It was boring.

It was good and helpful.

It was funny most of the time, acting wise.

It was very fun and entertaining.  I learned new things, too.

I though that it was really cool!  I learned a lot and the presenter was very nice and fun.  It was cool for him to be honest and open to tell us about his life.

She was really nice and explained things very well.

It totally think it’s bad to have that and I stand by what Ms. Yancy said.

I love them.  They are so nice even though I didn’t get to ask my question, but they were awesome.

Thank you for coming in for us.  You really helped!

Next time you should do more interactive things.

I think she was very nice!  She looks like she had a lot of experience.  I enjoyed having her here.  Thank you!

Keep the heart.

I did not feel I learned something new today because we had already learned what he was talking about in sex ed.

I didn’t like the way he talked

He was very well prepared, but I knew most of the stuff he discussed.

The male speaker was quite helpful.


It was cool.

You rock!

It was really funny.

You are so nice!

Thank you, you were great!

I learned a lot!!!

Other than in health I have never heard the word sex in my time at school, home and outside.

Honestly, I would rather not have seen it, but it’s for my good and better understanding.

The presentation was very prepared.

Miss S. is amazing!!!

Very good job – she didn’t make it feel very awkward.  She was cool.

Where is Johns Creek?

I really liked Miss S. She was cool, and really understanding!

I learned a lot of stuff that I didn’t know.

I think it is very helpful that we did an interactive activity.

I learned a lot and I liked how she told us the direct truth.

Very well put.

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